DSI Medical Research Site Layout

DSI is a 3000 Square Foot luxuriously appointed Medical Research Site that can easily accommodate many research subject volunteers concomitantly in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that lends itself to teaching our patients preventive medicine.

We moved to this location from across the street back in 1997. We planned the lay-out with the Drug Study Process in mind. We are very happy with the result. The rooms in the office consist of:
  1. Large Waiting Room nicely appointed.
  2. Large Business Office with 2 copiers, 2-line fax, a network computer system and 2 “Check-In/Check-Out Booths.”
  3. Break Room for Staff.
  4. Lab with a minus 85 Revco Freezer, Centrifuge, and a large phlebotomy chair station.
  5. Mel’s Cozy Café equipped with 2 chairs, a small refrigerator and a table. This is where patients go after their blood draw to relax and take a small snack. Vital signs can be done there also.
  6. Consultation Room 1 used by the Assistant Medical Research Director/Director of Regulator Affairs. Patients can receive instruction in this room.
  7. Consultation Room 2 used by Dr. Saponaro. This is large and has an exam table in it useful for performing a complete physical exam.
  8. Consultation Room # 3 used by the Director of Medical Research. Patients are educated in this room.
  9. Exam Room # 1 which is used by a CRC. It has 2 desks in it with computers. This is good for vital Signs, blood draws, and especially counseling.
  10. Exam Room # 2 where the visiting CRA sits. It has a large Geri-chair that is useful for laying patients down for an EKG or for those who faint with blood draws. It also has our pharmacy refrigerator and a TV VCR.
  11. Exam Room # 3 adjacent to Dr. Saponaro’s Consultation Room that is our regular exam room. It is set up to allow minor surgical procedures.
Initially when we built the office we had 3 official “exam rooms” that are numbered Exam Room 1, 2 and 3. Exam 3 is the one that is immediately recognizable as an Exam Room and is located adjacent to Dr. Saponaro’s office. Exam Rooms 1 & 2 can also be used to see subjects. Typically they are back up exam rooms as exam room 2 is also where the visiting monitor works and exam room 1 is also shared by the CRC.

Logistically we have all the space we need to treat many subjects concomitantly. For example:
  1. Patient one in Check in Check out Booth 1 with CRC # 1 getting ICF and other paper work instructions performed.
  2. Patient 2 in Check in Check out Booth 2 with CRC # 2 getting ICF and other paper work instructions performed.
  3. Patient 3 in the Lab Chair where the phlebotomist is drawing blood. Theoretically this could be used by CRC # 3 to instruct a subject.
  4. Patient 4 in Exam Room 3 having a full complete medical exam with Dr. Saponaro.
  5. Patient 5 in Exam Room 2 with CRC # 4. We have a Geri-chair where the patient can lie down and have a blood draw. This area is good for those with syncope from blood draws. We also have a computer and a TV in this room for instruction and education.
  6. Patient 6 in Exam Room 1 with CRC # 5 that has a BP cuff on the wall and computer access for teaching. Blood draws can be done there as well as PE’s.
  7. Patient 7 in my office where I have a BP Cuff and can do a PE.
  8. Patient 8 in Melody’s office where there is a BP cuff and a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the trial.
  9. Patient 9 in the Assistant Medical Research Director/Director of Regulator Affairs office where they can talk.
  10. Patient 10 and 11 can be in the area we call Mel’s Cozy Café where we have two comfortable chairs and a table. We have done vital signs there.
  11. Our Waiting Room also has served as a meeting place to discuss with a large group of potential research subject volunteers the ins and outs of their disease and a study.
In summary, DSI was built to maximize the entire Drug Study experience with the idea in mind to make it comfortable to the patient/research subject volunteer, visiting CRA and our staff. The office can accommodate 11 research subject volunteers at a time. We currently have 3 CRC’s, a medical assistant and a phlebotomist. We have deals with temp agencies that we have used during the years when suddenly there is greater need.